Why claim with us

We have an excellent record of winning claims for Clients who have been mis-sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance).

Some successful Clients are awarded over £20,000.

Our experts have previously represented Lenders and are still qualified to sell PPI, so they know how Lenders operate.

We do not charge any upfront fees or make any hidden charges, so you will not have to pay a penny to start your claim.

We are independent from the Banks and Lenders, so we act in our Clients' best interests to ensure they receive compensation.

Our No Win No Fee* Guarantee means as long as you co-operate with us, you will never be out of pocket.

Even if you do not know if you took out PPI, we can find out for you and then claim your money back.

We specialise in claiming compensation from Barclays, so we know how they will assess your PPI claims and how to win it.

We have helped thousands of people claim back a total of over 10 million pounds for their mis-sold PPI during the last 5 years.

We only charge 20% plus vat of the compensation we arrange for people to receive.

All of our Clients are recommended to us by previous Clients or choose to contact us by making their own enquiries.

We never cold call, send junk texts or buy leads from other Companies that use junk texts or cold calling.

We are an established British Company based in the UK and have been registered with Companies House since 2010.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activities.

We operate a formal complaints procedure offering clients the opportunity to refer a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office for complaints with the Data Protection Act, so presumably your information is confidential.

We will take care of the paperwork, the phone calls and use our specialist knowledge to claim a full refund of the money you have paid for PPI, a full refund of the interest you have been charged on your PPI and up to 8% interest per year for every year had PPI.

*If you change your mind and decide to cancel using our services part way through the claim process (after fourteen days of engaging our services), we will be forced to charge you for the work we have already conducted.

Our founders became very familiar with the relatively unscrupulous techniques used by Lenders and Brokers to promote the sale of this type of Insurance. Despite being qualified to sell PPI, between 2000 and 2009, our founders became aware of the huge financial incentives offered to Bank staff and Brokers for the sale of overpriced, low quality payment insurance policies.

Whilst not agreeing with the practices adopted by Lenders and Brokers to sell PPI, our founders were at that time powerless do to anything about it. In 2010, our founders decided to establish a Company to help people who had been mis-sold this type of insurance claim their money back. Since 2010, our Company has helped thousands of people claim back millions of pounds.

We believe the secret to our Company's track record for successfully winning claims is that we have previously worked alongside Lender and Brokers who sold PPI. Therefore, they understand the techniques used by the Lenders to mis-sell PPI, the records they kept and the records they failed to keep. This knowledge has proved very helpful when seeking to win PPI claims against Lenders and Brokers.

Our Company does not set out to be a jack of all trades but seeks to be a master of one. We only deal with claiming refunds for mis-sold PPI and we concentrate on claiming against Lenders who we are very familiar with.Our Company has never and will never junk text or cold call people. Our Company will never buy leads from Companies who junk text or buy leads from Companies that do. All of our Clients are recommended by previous Clients who are satisfied with our service or choose to contact us by making internet enquiries.

Just a few examples of some real people we have helped receive compensation in the form of refunds with interest include:

Mr & Mrs Smith from Telford were awarded £13,052.56

Mr Carle from London was awarded £17,634.30

Mr Forrest from Northumberland was awarded £6,188.71

Mr Groom from Stockport in Cheshire was awarded £2,785.99

Mr & Mrs English from Gretna were awarded £4,352.38

Mr & Mrs Spackman from London were awarded £5,320.73

Mr & Mrs Lipton from West Sussex were awarded £14,568.37

Mr Daley from Cardiff was awarded £4,640.90

Mr & Mrs Bartram from East Molesey were awarded £21,250.05

Mrs Marshall from Welwyn Garden City were awarded £4,338.11

Mr & Mrs Morris from Washington were awarded £3,794.93

Mr Harrison from Derby was awarded £11,861.66

Miss Short from Hailsham in Sussex was awarded £3,826.35

Mr Forrest from Whitley Bay was awarded £6,188.71

Miss Hulme from Cheshire was awarded £3,083.38

Mr Turner from Dorset was awarded £1,606.63

Mr & Mrs Bell from County Durham were awarded £15,650.85

Mrs Marshall from Welwyn Garden City was awarded £4,338.11

Mr Rapley from Berkshire was awarded £3,897.78

Mr Combe from Edinburgh was awarded £20,608.78

Mr & Mrs Minto from Stockton-on-Tees were awarded £8,374.18

Mr Horsman from West Yorkshire was awarded £5,108.57

Mr & Mrs Plaice from Devon were awarded £8,825.96

Mr & Mrs Whalley from Plymouth were awarded £7,233.74

Mr & Mrs Neary from Oldham were awarded £7,335.91

Mr & Mrs Long from Torfaen were awarded £6,135.98

Mr Welch from Essex was awarded £4,711.69

Mr Paterson from Chester was awarded £4,460.74

Mr Smith from Northamptonshire was awarded £5,352.68

Mr & Mrs Oxley from Pontefract were awarded £6,817.69

Mr & Mrs Marshall from Preston were awarded £6,999.89

Mr Redfern from Lancashire was awarded £7,291.55

Mr & Mrs Janney from Doncaster were awarded £10,979.58

Mr & Mrs Bartlett from Somerset were awarded £6,598.87

Mr & Mrs Howarth from Cumbria were awarded £6,164.93

Mr Murphy from Hertfordshire was awarded £7,727.31

Mr Goddard from Greater London was awarded £5,960.06

Mr Howells from Gwynedd was awarded £8,419.50

Miss Densham from Devon was awarded £10,833.86

Mr & Mrs Woodruff from Rochdale were awarded £7,146.60

Ms Harris from Doncaster was awarded £5,006.82

Mr & Mrs Pheling from Liverpool were awarded £3,959.52

Mr Graham from London was awarded £11,149.03

Mr & Mrs Hine from Cumbrian were awarded £10,944.47

Mr & Mrs Fisher from Cheshire were awarded £4,055.02

Miss Scaramella from Dorset was awarded £5,917.83

Mr & Mrs Armantrading from Bedford were awarded £10,204.83

Mr & Mrs Gardener from Yorkshire were awarded £5,472.84

Mr Kinninmonth from Tyne & Wear was awarded £15,840.45

The above Compensation payments are net payments which include the deduction of the Company's fee, vat on the Company's fee and basic rate tax. If the recipient of these Compensation awards are or because of their Compensation award became upper rate tax payers, additional tax may have became payable by the recipients of these Compensation awards.

Professional Personal Claims Ltd is an independent claims management Company unconnected with any Bank or other financial institution. Consumers do not have to use a claims management Company to complain, they can make their own complaints, use the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, free of charge.


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HSBC who owns EPF sets aside an extra £352 Million to pay out PPI on top of the £2.46 Billion already set aside.               Sky News estimate the Banks PPI mis-selling bill will be more than £22 Billion.                The FCA is forcing lenders re-open over 2.5 Million PPI cases.                 The RBS Natwest group sets aside a further £100 Million taking their PPI provision to £3.3 Billion.                 £22 Billion is set aside by Banks to compensate for PPIBarclays sets aside a further £170 Million taking their PPI provision to £5.02 Billion.                FCA confirm mis-selling PPI bill totals over £352 Million in September 2014 alone.HSBC who owns EPF sets aside an extra £352 Million to pay out PPI on top of the £2.46 Billion already set aside.