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PPI is a convenient abbreviation for Barclays Payment Protection Insurance. PPI is often used to refer to any insurance policy designed to help borrowers insure their payments, including Barclays Income Protection (IP), Barclays Loan Protection Plan (LPP), Barclays Mortgage Payment Protection (MPP), Barclays Mortgage Payment Protection Plan (MPPP), Barclays Overdraft Protection, Barclays Packaged Bank Accounts which include Payment Protection Insurance, Barclays Accident Sickness & Unemployment cover (ASU), Barclays Payment Protection Plans (PPP) plus numerous other names Barclays have used, which may include the words Payment, Income, Protection, Accident, Unemployment, Redundancy, Sickness or Income.

PPI is supposed to cover your monthly payments if you are unable to work. However, according to the Citizens Advice Bureau, 85% of people who are unable to work discover they cannot claim any money due to exclusions in the small print. Your Barclays Bank, card statement, Bank statement or Loan agreement should list PPI (or whichever name Barclays have used to describe it) as a separate charge which is the quickest way to find out if you have a PPI.

Barclays use different names for their PPI and some people are unable to find their paperwork. If you are unsure, or cannot locate or understand your Barclays paperwork, simply click on our How Much Can You Claim link or telephone us on 0207 046 6300.

To find out how much we can help you claim back for your mis-sold Barclays PPI in 15 seconds CLICK HERE

barclays ppi news
   Some banks have underpaid £100s during the last three years over £16 Billion has been paid out in PPI compensation.
   PPI mis-selling bill climbs to £5.02 Billion.
   £22 billion is set aside by Banks to compensate for PPI.
   Barclays PPI claims rise by £900m as profits fall.
   Barclays sets aside a further £170 million taking their PPI provision to £5.02 Billion.
   During the last three years over £15 Billion has been paid out in PPI compensation.
   PPI mis-selling bill totals over £352 Million in September 2014 alone.
   Barclays is the most complained about Bank confirms the FCA.
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